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Dialogflow CX 1: Welcome to the new normal

With the COVID pandemic still around, the new normal is a mantra that I’ve heard several times, and if I think about what happened to my job with virtual agents in the last few months, everything has change, and now most of the new developments have moved to CX … that’s my new normal.

After a few months playing with it, trying, crying … learning, I think its time to start sharing some info on this new version of Dialogflow … welcome back to my blog.

As I did with Dialogflow ES (the former version), I won’t go into the basics, so make sure you read the documentation:

And also find some resources to help you speed up with the concepts. I found these videos by Aravind Mohanoor quite relevant.

With ES I focused many of my blog posts on the programming side of the projects. Now with CX you would realize quite rapidly that the amount of fulfillment programming is going to be reduced, as most of the logic can be defined within the state machine incorporated in CX.

Also, the graphical representation of the agent will help you a lot on your design work, and in my case many hand drawing has been replacing by just defining the agent right away.

Over the new posts I will focus on the fulfillments, how to define logic on your agents, work with parameters, … well, anything that I face on my job helping others develop on CX and I think is worth sharing.




I work for Google Cloud, but this post is about personal ideas and opinions

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