You are currently viewing Dialogflow CX 2: Fulfillment, are you still there?

Dialogflow CX 2: Fulfillment, are you still there?

Once you move to the new CX GUI and you start playing with it, you will quickly realize that our lovely builtin editor for fulfillments is no longer there, even fulfillments themselves have been renamed to webhooks, but they do a similar job … you call them to read/write data from external sources, create complex answers, take actions, …

Another BIG difference is that you can define several webhooks in each agent, and whenever you want to call them, you will specify the webhook name and a parameter called “TAG” we you will use to identify the action it will perform:

Then you will play with parameters, as most of the duties of your fulfillments, pardon, I meant webhooks, will be to read parameters from the session, and providing information back to the session in other parameters.

Obviously you can still leverage the webhooks to connect to back-end systems, and for that you can reuse most of the code I shared before, like this one for accessing an external database, connecting with a Google Sheets, …

As you can read in the docs, you can use any service to build you webhooks, and there are several options to manage security.

In future posts I will use Cloud Functions, as they are a great serverless option to develop this type of services. Some customers my choose to leverage Cloud Run or any other option … it is completely up to you, provided that you take into account scalability, availability, security, …

Similarly for the language you can choose your own adventure … I will stay on node.js for the time being.

Stay tuned for some programming.




I work for Google Cloud, but this post is about personal ideas and opinions

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