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Moving to the cloud (personally)

So it is time for a change for me, well the decision is from a few months ago, but today is the moment of execution; I’m making a change in my career, since today I’m working for Google Cloud as the Sales Engineering Manager in Madrid.

I’ve been in the IT industry for 18 years, and Google at that time was only a search service. Today I’m joining the cloud division providing services for enterprises … it looks like the company has change a lot during this time.

The industry has change a lot, from the first HPUX servers that I began installing in 1999 are almost none remaining. That Linux that my friend Javi Peña and I started to install in Proliants servers is now the dominant OS in the enterprise servers, and VMware was only a “toy” that has become the standard in many data centers.

Which will be the next big thing? Well, it depends where.

Like in many technologies the Spanish market is a bit delayed in the adoption of new technologies. Probably our next big think will be moving many of our traditional applications to containers (Docker and friends).

For other markets, I think that using machine learning, artificial intelligence o whatever you call it, in some analytics areas, and their application to business processes, would most likely be the next big thing.

For me one opportunity of joining the Google’s team is to be able to work in these two key areas … so I have a few months ahead of intense learning.

There is another relevant factor, which is the sales model, the cloud. This topic is well known, so I won’t go into details, but it looks like we will have a hybrid model ahead, where some services are local and some are on external providers.

And leading by example, I’m moving from a company that mainly sells on premises, and to local service providers, to a hyperscale provider, with data centers across the world. In the end, we solve the same problems at our customers.

And you, would you come to the cloud?



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  1. Manuel Garcia Gil

    Welcome to the Cloud my friend 🙂

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