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NetApp Data Fabric … the power of hybrid clouds

The NetApp strategy  of being a player in the important cloud arena is from 2014. In the post “hablemos con las nubes”, from NetApp Spain’s Blog, I wrote about this for the first time.

The picture that we use to tell this strategy 3 years later is quite similar to the original from 2014:


But the versión that I prefer is the one showing the different products that are already available top put this strategy into action:

And it looks like the hybrid model, where you choose different alternative to set up your IT services, could be the leading trend in the coming years.

NetApp is quite well positioned to work under this model, because we can use on premises systems (the traditional gear), virtual appliances y hyperscalers Cloud ONTAP, and options in many local service providers.

In this post you can see a nice introduction to working with Cloud ONTAP.

About the on-prem systems there is a lot written; for example here and here you can see the news coming with ONTAP 9, and if you are interested in the hardware part you can check this post.

There is another interesting alternative, NetApp Private Storage, with storage adyacent to the big clouds; I wrote about this here.

The idea is to be able to have a data service for your applicantions that is able to work equally in the three alternatives, with different capacities and performance levels, and with the possibility to move data around any of them.

La idea en definitiva es poder contar con un servicio de datos para tus aplicaciones que funcione igual en cualquiera de las tres alternativas, con niveles de rendimiendo y capacidades variables, y con posibilidad de movimiento de la información entre cualquiera de ellos.



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