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Where is our data?

The idea behind this poll was to have a view of how are we storing and protecting our data nowadays. These are the results.

Starting with the personal data:

The traditional options are the computer that we use and the offline devices, being the other key option the cloud services, which is splitted among the free and paid services, but if we add them the are as big as the active computers.

Most of the people has 2 o 3 copies of the information … I’m really worried for the people with just one copy !!!

In my case I use all the options, but I think there is a key point that I haven’t checked; which one is the primary copy. In my case it is a recent change, one year ago I switched to have my primary copy in a paid cloud service, leaving my computer at home as a secondary one.

The whys might be different, but for me the key was to be able to have the information available everywhere … you never know when will you be willing to show that funny picture from your kids 🙂

One more comment … the physical devices, whether they are hard drives (on or offline), flash USB drives, DVDs … they all end up breaking or being lost, so it is mandatory to have at least 2 physical copies.

The picture of the professional data is this:

The number of copies is smaller, I understand that this is because we trust in the backup policy of our companies, so we don’t need to worry about keeping several copies ourselves, although we might split data depending on their type or relevance.

The cloud option is again the winner if we sum up the 2 options, but the use of personal services might be risky if we store confidential data from our companies on them …

Corporate file services are less used than what I expected, I guess that because of the same flexiblity of access that we enjoy with the personal data.

Another important factor is the control of data and the compliance with regulations … next year, 2018, will be the GDPR year, and centralizing the information seems to be a nice option to comply with it.

Any other idea?




I work for Google Cloud, but this post is personal ideas and opinions

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